A Three-Step Routine For Glowing Skin

What’s better than some glow? Lots of it. Somewhere along the line I accidentally got addicted to seriously glowing skin. It’s a pretty good problem to have, I’ll be honest; it’s never enough, and I’ve got a three step routine for glowing skin in place. It takes minimal time and gives maximum shine!

The foundation

I tend to start off makeup with loads of hydrating moisturiser and then I always favour a good primer. Something illuminating is a bit of an essential for me, and this Tilbs wonder glow primer is one of my favourites. It’s like bathing your light in a golden champagne filter, and the glow helps to give skin a multi-dimensional glowy look. I like to use this as a primer or mixed in with any given foundation.

A metallic shine

So after not being particularly enamoured with cream highlighters, I’m developed such an obsession with the Iconic illuminator (mentioned here). It’s so good. Highly, highly metallic and with a beautifully blendable consistency. I take the teeniest drop and then it’s enough to add some glow to the whole face! Magical stuff. It takes about five seconds to blend it in with the fingertips and then the whole thing sets down to look seriously glowy. This is another one that easily be mixed into a foundation to sheer out the formula or add some more luminosity.

The finishing touches

Just because that’s not enough glow, I like to use a fan brush to dust on some powder highlighter, too. It’s the important final step in my routine for glowing skin. I just want to look like a glazed donut, and no one can stop me. I love all highlighters, but I find this pretty one from Milani complements everything nicely. You almost definitely don’t need this step, but I think it adds some more longevity to the makeup look and makes sure that you glow all day.


What’s your all time favourite highlighter?