An Ode To Autumn

Call me a basic blogger, but I just love Autumn. So much. It’s the very best of all the seasons, and as part of the second challenge in #TheBlogRace I’m sharing my personal little ode to all things Autumn, and why I love it so much. A blogger professing her love for Autumn may be cliche, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it…

I got married in Autumn. This does make me biased in favour of the season, but our wedding on a rainy Autumn day was the best, ever. We got married in October because we both adore Autumn, and it just seemed like the right day for us to start married life on. My wedding bouquet was a big combination of all the prettiest oranges and dusky pinks, and pretty much perfectly summed up the season for me. It’s almost our first Anniversary, so the beginning of Autumn shall forevermore serve as a little reminder for the best day.

It’s the time for Halloween; the most important holiday of the year (if you’re a ghoul like me). It’s a day dedicated to scary movies and sweets, so I’m not sure why some people don’t get it. You can dress up like a witch and stomp around pretending to be the pumpkin king. I am a long-time fan of halloween/samhain and all of the fun that comes with it; basically I want children so I can dress them up like little pumpkins. Some of my all-time favourite horror films are The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, Candyman, The Witch and Pet Cemetery.

It’s the season of all the colours. When the leaves start to turn crunchy and golden brown, it’s the best! Walking through the woods and seeing a kaleidoscope of earthy tones is nature at its finest. There’s shiny conkers, which are obviously amazing and really nostalgic (and they keep spiders away). Autumn sees the arrival of jewel-tone hues that just scream luxury. All the purples, burgundies, forest greens and navies. I’m talking splashes of rich tartan, and then there’s the fabrics… velvet, tweed and satin. Autumn is opulent and glorious.

The season officially starts September 1st; just in time for the Hogwarts express. Autumn signifies the cosiest of all the seasons and Harry Potter is a big part of that for me. Being a massive Potter fan, I love it all year round but I love being at home on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand and watching the chamber of secrets for the 1586th time. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a film, or two. Autumn’s awesome in general because it’s time to eat all the warming food and just generally live inside a blanket burrito.

It’s the time for the Harvest. Who else used to do an Autumn harvest at primary school? We used to gather up tinned goods and donate them in our school, every September. It makes me nostalgic to think about it! I’m big into mythology as well, and Autumn always makes me think about Persephone descending back into the Underworld (I did an Ancient History degree, I can’t help myself). It’s a sort of mini-fresh start, with back-to-school season meaning there should be new stationery with four-ish months left of the year to get stuff done!


What’s your absolute favourite thing about Autumn?