How To Blog When You Have No Time

Are you really even doing the whole adult thing properly if you’re not constantly too busy? I’m constantly wondering what I would do with another hour in the day! Juggling this space, a full-time job, a husband and a social life means that being able to blog when you have no time is a never-ending struggle.

There’s always a way. I do get asked how I manage my time a fair amount, but my simple answer would be that I love blogging so I make the time. It’s a priority for me, so it just slots into my life. Sometimes I get up an hour earlier and finish off a post, or I reply to comments in my lunch break. If you really want to create some content, then find the time for another thirty minutes in the evening to blog. You can do it!

Set some dedicated time aside. Even for just an hour a week, put aside some time where you get down to some serious blogging. Write the time down in your calendar so you remember to do it, and just don’t make an excuses. Blocking out some time is basically how I get everything done; it forces you to be productive when you’re short on time.

Focus on working with what you have. Don’t stress about making new content, but show off the posts you already have. This is so much easier than creating entirely new posts, and makes sure your blog stays active.

Use any dead time. I’ve said this before, but any time you have can always be optimised. Especially for anytime where you can’t be ~productive~ it’s good to think outside the box. I write instagram captions when I’m on the tube or edit photos for Instagram so I’m not just sat there. I respond to tweets when making a cup of tea and check emails when I’m having lunch.

Have a contingency plan. I run out of time so often that I tend to have a backup post ready to go at any given time. I use the Buffer app on my phone, so I can quickly reschedule tweets if I haven’t had a chance to do it. Try to have a couple of posts drafted in Instagram, so I can quickly hit publish if I have nothing else I want to post. If you’re busy, have a back-up and it makes everything so much easier.


How do you find time to blog?


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