Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

I will always have a special place in my heart for a good matte lipstick; I am quite the connoisseur at this point. Enter this collection of the new Bourjois rouge velvet lipsticks, a new formula that promises to provide a long-wearing, high-pigment and non-drying lipstick.

The formula

The formula is really quite something. It’s unlike anything I’ve tried before! It’s incredibly slippy on the lips and really glides on; incredibly pigmented but applies absolutely like a balm. I was sceptical about these lasting on the lips because the formula is so so soft. Once it’s on the lips, you can feel them drying down and then it finishes off in about five minutes. It’s by no means a chalky or a flat matte, but the dry down is significant. The resulting effect isn’t kiss-proof but it’s not smudgy like I feared. Bourjois claims that the formula has oils and rich pigments to make a lipstick that never dries out the lips. Even the bolder and deeper shades managed to stay on the lips comfortably without ever getting too dry.

The packaging

The bullet is also slim and tear-drop shaped, making it easy to apply the colour. Let’s also take a moment to appreciate lipsticks that comes with colour-corresponding packaging because I adore it. In a sea of lipsticks, I really find it to stand out and it makes it far easier to find the right shade. The design of the tube is fine, it’s nothing remarkable but does the job.

The shades

Hey Nude ! – A beige nude
Flaming’rose – Pale nude pink
Hyppink chic – Deep pink
Hip Hip Pink – Pinky red
Brique-à-brac – A reddish light brown
Abrico’dabra ! – Orange peach
Joli carmin’ois – Neon red
Rubi’s cute – An intense red
Fuchsia botté – A cool-toned fuchsia
Magni-fig – This deep and intense purple,
Berry formidable  – A deep burgundy
Brunette – Dark brown with a red undertone


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