Current Makeup Mess

What’s better than some pretty makeup mess? None of these products are new or things I haven’t previously mentioned before, but they’re all things I absolutely love. They also have the added bonus of all being beautiful, and they all look lovely together! I’m such a blogger cliche, but everything rose gold just makes me so happy. Plus add in loads of highlighter and then some glitter, and we’re good to go…

Bronzer wise, the Charlotte Tilbury bronze & glow is pretty much all I seem to use at the moment. It gives some contour definition and then I dust it all over the skin to add a little warmth. So easy, and I use it as a speedy shadow as well at the moment. Blush wise, this beauty from By Terry is pretty much the dream (I am switching between these blushers at the moment). My current glow-to is the Iconic drops smeared all over my face – glowy to the point of looking metallic on the skin. It catches the light beautifully and adds a whole new level of luminosity to the skin. Adding some of the Milani highlighter on top just sets everything into place and means I look like a glazed doughnut all day.

Finally, I’m still obsessed with the Stila glitter shadows and I wear them all the time. They’re so easy and they manage to make it look like you’ve put in loads of effort. My favourites are Bronzed Bell, Rose Gold Retro and Kitten Karma; I recommend that everyone has at least one in their makeup kit.


What makeup are you absolutely loving at the moment?