Five Ways To Grow Your Blog

Five Ways To Grow Your Blog

In an increasingly popular blogging world, it can be hard to have your blog stand out from the crowd. There’s no quick and easy formula for overnight success (or, at least I haven’t found it yet) so the main tip would be to keep on working away on your blog. I’m also sharing five tips in terms of working smartly to grow your blog…

Stick to a schedule. I’m not saying you have to post every single day but stick to a blog schedule. Be consistent! Posting at a set time means people know when to come back for new content, so it’s a great way to grow your blog. I think having a schedule is like a deadline as well, so it’s a little bit of pressure to stick to. In terms of sticking to a schedule, working ahead of yourself by a week or so allows you to keep everything consistent. I have an editorial calendar of upcoming posts so I know what’s coming up, which helps me stay organised.

Work on your layout. A good layout is so important for the overall success of your blog. A nice one makes you look professional and really takes it to the next level. The best sort of layouts also show off your photos and writing in the best light. You don’t have to spend a fortune – I love pipdig but there are lots of nice layouts on etsy, too. Having a nice header and a consistent colour palette just makes it a better experience for the reader.

Don’t expect it to be an overnight thing. It won’t be. If you want to blog because you want to bag a few freebies, then it might not be for you! Creating a blog takes a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of love so don’t get discouraged. My blog is by no means one of the best around and I’ve been working on mine for years. Just stick with creating the best content you can and keep on pouring love into your blog.

Focus on your strengths. Using your analytics, see what content works the best for you and produce more of that. Knowing what your readers want to see and delivering that means that it’s much more likely that your blog will grow. If you have a lot of tips to share; write them! If you’re amazing at swatches; show them! Just think of the killer content, and focus on that because that’s what will make everything more popular.

Write the content you want to read. This is the rule I work with when it comes to writing posts because this will give you the best posts possible! Think about your favourite bloggers and work out why exactly you love their content so much and which posts are your favourite. The thing that gets you excited about their posts is what you want to emulate in your own blog. Not copying directly but realising what makes you think ‘oh wow I love this post’ and creating content like that for other people.


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