If You Buy One Thing This Month…

Burberry blush

If the change of season and the start of a new month means you can’t treat yourself to a seriously stunning new Burberry blush, then… when? This month I’m going for this beauty from Burberry, because it’s the prettiest blush I’ve seen in a while!

Burberry makeup is one of my favourites; it’s not overtly loud and it doesn’t cause too much of a dramatic hype upon release. You can see some of my other favourites here. Every product I’ve tried though, has been a pleasure to use and their fashion-led releases are always gorgeous. The Blush Collection’s new blusher is a thing of beauty! It matches the new fabrics and prints from their beast collection; a blusher is definitely as close as I’m getting to Burberry fashion at the moment.

The blush itself is destined to be the star of the show for any makeup collection; it’s a warm pink that turns into a seashell flush on the cheeks. It’s the perfect sort of transitional shade of blusher as it’s not a peach nor a plum. Whisper soft and it doesn’t come across as too bright or bold. Texture wise it has the initial overlay of shimmer but then it becomes more of a satin finish on the skin (my favourite). It blends well, lasts well and does everything you’d expect from a Burberry blusher. I’m thinking that is going to complement darker plum tones of lipstick once the weather starts to get a little bit colder… I can’t wait.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the packaging as well! I’m not one to hoard packaging (I need to save all my room for actual makeup), but this one is too pretty. It’s an Instagram dream with it’s pastel peach and pink floral design. It also matches the powder perfectly. The embossing itself is obviously the real star of the show though, and it did take me a few minutes to actually use it.


Have you tried anything from Burberry?

Burberry blush