New From Emma Hardie

Hands up who else usually dedicates all the time to cleansing, treating and moisturising the face and then ignores everything chin-down? Yeah, me too! Not any more, because Emma Hardie herself pretty much insisted we all start looking after our necks more.

I’ve been such a fan of Emma Hardie skincare for a long time, so meeting her was such a delight. Having gone through at least six jars of her cleansing balm, any launch from the brand pretty much grabs my attention. This latest launch, the Lift & Sculpt Firming neck treatment, is a new cream designed to combat ‘tech neck’. Yup, turns out staring down at your phone all day is not doing good things for the skin. There’s the whole HEV light thing damaging the skin and then the added stress of your neck basically falling apart. In steps is, to make the neck firmer, softer and more swan-like.

So what makes this treatment so different?

It’s packed with ingredients including Liftonin-expert to to boost collagen and raspberry oil to hydrate. Aside from the usual Emma Hardie ingredients, this comes with a a roller applicator to help you really massage the product into the skin. When introducing this launch, Emma demonstrated how to apply product and how to massage the skin properly. The key is to lift up the skin firmly with one hand and then to apply the product in a downwards sweeping motion. This action helps to rid the skin of any toxins and then everything is left a lot smoother and tauter. I’m 100% behind a good beauty ritual, so I’ve been applying this at night and taking the time to make sure my neck is moisturised.


Have you tried anything from Emma Hardie?