Season Switch Up: Bodycare

I’m ready for the weather to get a little colder now, I really am. I just love everything about Autumn but one of the draw backs would be that my skin starts to get a little drier in the colder weather. I’m having a bit of a season switch up and adding some more hydrating elements into the mix; first up are two products that are leaving my skin a lot smoother, softer and ready for the temperature drop.

First up is a new favourite from Sister & Co – it’s a coffee scrub! I love coffee scrubs so much (the only downside being the mess they make). The raw cacao & coffee scrub is described as a big shot of espresso for your shower. It has cacao butter, pumpkin seed oil, almond oil and coconut oil which all leave skin feeling so much softer after using. I’m really interested in the whole brand; it’s all natural, vegan and organic and the packaging is just the height of minimalistic chic.

Jo Malone makes the dreamiest of dreamy body creams. They really are sensational. They’re definitely a luxurious little treat, but they do make getting ready more of an ~event~. Not one for those who hate sticky creams or waiting a few minutes for lotion to sink in… My skin is really dry, and just gets worse in the colder weather, so something rich like this is perfect. The velvet rose & oud scent is my pick of the bunch – it’s the scent that I wore for my wedding, so it makes me happy whenever I use it. It’s also so heavily fragranced that it could easily take the place of a perfume (I love to layer it with the matching scent as well). In terms of hydrating, it leaves my skin feeling like it has been cocooned and I’m just all about that life.


Are you getting excited for Autumn?