September’s Reading List

I’ve been a woman on a mission to read as many books as possible lately. After not finding the time for a while, I got back into reading a book or two a week in a big way. Add in that it’s Autumnal and cosy outside, and I just have so many more books I want to read…

Starting things off with the beautiful editions of Harry Potter. This is obviously not a new read, but I couldn’t resist picking up one of the Ravenclaw covers. Harry Potter never gets old, and I could read it over and over and over (and I have). I’ve also been reading a new Jacqueline Wilson book about evacuees, because I’m having a bit of a childhood revival. JW is my longest standing love, and I still find them a treat to read.

I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, so the new releases from Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir had me really excited. In fact, any more history-fiction book recommendations are very welcome! Gregory’s The Last Tudor is all about Lady Jane Grey and her sisters; a really interesting perspective on post-Henry, pre-Elizabeth Tudor England. I could just read anything from Gregory. Weir’s book is all about the life of Anne Boleyn. It paints her less of a seductress and more of an unwilling pawn, which is a nice change from the other Boleyn girl angle.

Two books I didn’t obsess over are An almond for a parrot and The Perfume Lover. An almond for a parrot was recommended by a friend, but I thought the history-magic storyline grew a little repetitive very quickly. The Perfume Lover was alright, but nothing particularly exciting.

Finally, I’m finishing off Robert Webb’s book, how not to be a boy, which is just fantastic. I’m a huge fan of Mitchell & Webb in general, and this book is such an interesting memoir-take on feminism. It’s written so well, and had me hooked from the first page. I’ve also had quite a few people ask me if it’s any good, whilst reading it on the tube so it’s obviously popular.


Have you read anything good lately?