A Speedy Sunday Facial

Sometimes you want to really indulge skin and embrace an elaborate ten-step skincare routine. Sometimes, that just sounds like too much work. When I want my skin to look better but I also want to spend as little time as possible, there’s a three-step routine filled with hard-working products to maximise your time.

Kicking things off is the Glossier milky jelly cleanser. Yes, more Glossier! This cleanser is definitely one of their more iconic products, and it’s pretty much an essential is your skincare routine. It’s unscented, so it doesn’t irritate the skin at all. It’s a light and hydrating texture, so it smoothes the skin and doesn’t feel heavy. I’ve been using it almost every morning as a light cleanse, and it does a great job at leaving skin feeling clean. It’s the perfect step for a quick facial because it immediately rinses off and leaves skin prepped for any further products. I like to just quickly massage it into the face and immediately rinse off; speedy and simple.

Following up with some more hydration (because my skin needs all the help it can get at the moment) is the Omorovicza queen of hungary mist. This stuff is seriously gorgeous, and the pretty packaging just makes it even better. I absolutely love facial mists after cleansing, because they feel so refreshing on the skin. Definitely not an essential step, but as this is a three product Sunday facial, I’m allowing a little indulgence.

The third and final step (before I get back to more Netflix bingeing) is loads and loads of the Clarins SOS Comfort mask. It’s like butter for the skin, and instantly leaves skin feeling calmer and much, much softer. I wrote all about this mask in more detail here, but it’s essentially a great pick for whenever skin is feeling stressed, dry or irritated. My skin just loves Clarins! I tend to just leave this one on for as long as possible, and almost definitely might fall asleep wearing it in a snoozy Sunday afternoon nap.