Super Serums

So the other day Chris asked me what a serum actually is, and I basically had to give him an essay on how a serum is the foundation of your skincare. I am serum mad; just like I am primer mad because they give a smoother base for subsequent foundation, serums make your moisturiser work harder. I’ve discovered some super new ones, and just had to share…

A super smoothie

One from my favourite natural skincare brand is the Odylique superfruit concentrate. It’s a rich oily serum with rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, avocado and pomegranate which all massively boost dry or dull skin. I don’t think it’s a daily addition (unless your skin is very dry), as it’s very rich. Instead, it works best when used to give a boost as and when needed. I like using it at night underneath a moisturising mask to really make sure my skin is restored come morning. Also, you only need a drop or two – more gives the skin an orange hint to it, and more makes the skin greasy.

One for adding radiance

The Jurlique serum has a really light texture, making it a great pick for the morning because it sinks right in. The cooling gel texture also means that it reflects the light nicely and it sits beautifully under any moisturisers. It’s not especially hydrating, but it does leave skin looking smoother and plumped. It claims to battle fine lines as well, and it has 18 botanical extracts inside. This is definitely the pick to reach for if your skin looks a little dull or is lacking radiance. Plus, it obviously smells amazing as all Jurlique skincare products do.

A classic, reformulated

Finally, we have the latest version (no mineral oil now!) of the Clarins Double Serum. I know I’m a Clarins fangirl, but this is seriously good. It’s an affordable way of having bespoke skincare in your regime, as you can mix and match between the two to get the texture you want. The lid swivels so you can use a smaller amount for combination skin and then the larger amount adds more hydration when needed. The separate pump only mixes the water & the oil elements together when applied, keeping the active ingredients more potent. Clever stuff. I am absolutely loving using this both in the morning and night, as it instantly acts as a big drink for the skin. Everything is left smoother and firmer, and it works beautifully on my drier skin. Ingredient-wise, is has things like turmeric to protect against pollution.