Why Having A Blog Is So Important

I’ve seen some debate online as to whether someone who solely instagrams can call themselves a blogger. Whilst I don’t think anyone can tell someone what and what isn’t the right platform for them, it did make me think about all things blogging; everything that I love about blogging and why having a blog is so important right now.

Your blog is always going to be yours. It’s a corner of the internet that you own. It’s obviously good to have buzzing social channels, but you don’t own your Instagram. If the app changes (or gets any worse…) and your profile were to be gone, what would happen to your online presence? I think it’s a little scary to dedicate so much time and effort into something that you ultimately don’t own. A website you run and direct can be as simple or as complex as you like and the sky really is the limit! Also, owning a blog outright is something I’m really proud of, and I work hard on my little slice of the blogosphere.

You can say whatever you want. It’s yours. You’re not limited by 140 characters, restricted by image dimensions or left out of the loops because your post didn’t rank high enough in an algorithm. In a really filtered world, consider your own blog a place where you can write what you want and post what you want. I never feel as pressured on my blog as I do to be ~perfect~ on Instagram, so the whole experience feels more therapeutic and enjoyable. The entire lack of an algorithm (and the edition of search engines) means that your blog has more longevity – some of my most popular posts were written three years ago. I could never say that for a post on social.

It’s a creative outlet. I absolutely adore the process of creating content. It’s my longest-standing passion, and something that never fails to make me happy. Whereas with other platforms I can feel frustrated at a lack of growth (know I’m not alone), the content I create on my blog is always something I’ve loved doing; you pour your love, imagination and words into a post so it’s always going to be special.

It’s something to be proud of. You can put it on your CV, because running a blog is such a lot of work and it gives you such a varied skillset. You can blog once a year or you can blog five times a day and it’s still so important to be proud of yourself. Taking the time out of your life to create some content and put it out into the world is always, always something to be really proud of.


What do you think about the state of blogging?