48 Hours In Venice

Amo Venezia!

For our anniversary, we flew over to my new favourite city, Venice. I’ve never been anywhere so beautiful before; it’s the most magical city. It felt like stepping back in time to an entirely different world. It was also pretty quiet, which was more than fine with me! We basically spent two days wandering about (by foot and by boat!), taking in all of the sights and taking all of the photos. Here’s how we spent 48 hours in Venice…

Where we went

We stayed in an air bnb in Mestre, which is ten minutes away from the centre of Venice by train. Air bnb is the way to go! On the first day, we went pretty much everywhere… We ended up walking over 20,000 steps and going on loads of boats, so we saw so much. We managed to tick off a lot of the classic tourist bits like Piazza san Marco, the Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal and then saw the Jewish Ghetto, the Acqua Alta bookshop, Sephora…

On the second day, we went to Murano. It’s an island in Venice, about fifteen minutes away from the grand canal. It has a population of 5000 and it was empty when we went, the cutest! It’s famous for its glass-blowing, but the best reason to check it out is because of all the gorgeous coloured houses.


The bridge of sighs – Piazza san Marco had so many beautiful buildings, and it’s definitely one of the most iconic elements of Venice. The bridge of sighs was one of the most beautiful elements!

David Hockney exhibition at the Ca’ PesaroGeorgia recommended this to me, and it was such a good shout. David Hockney’s portraits are so interesting & colourful and there was a good story behind each one. The gallery also had some beautiful pieces of art from Klimt.

Ai Garzoti – the best pizza, ever! We went here two nights in a row, because it was so good and so cheap. We managed to have some amazing carbonara as well, so Venice is the best for delicious Italian food.