An Easy Glossy Lid

An Easy Glossy Lid

I might be a bit slow to pick up on some of the latest beauty trends; the glossy lid look seemed to pass me by, but recently I’ve been seeing it a few places and just had to try it out. I just really like how it seems to complement most looks and it can definitely be tailored to have a mirror-shine finish or to look more sheeny than shiny. Is it one of those purely editorial looks that has no place in your everyday makeup life? So before I fully committed to purchasing a dedicated eye gloss, I turned to some products already tucked away in my dressing table. Having said that, I’ve tried the trend and I am liking the editorial look, so I’m going to have a look at some of the glossy shadows on the market…

Making a makeshift glossy lid basically involved me using lots of cream shadow and then smushing some glossy balm on my lids. Not particularly sophisticated, but very easy and seemingly fool-proof. Using a cream shadow already gives a fair amount of shine; the By Terry shadow sticks are sublime for adding some serious light to the eyes. They’re easy to use, and stay in place once they’ve dried. I also love the Dior Metalizer cream shadow for making sure there’s plenty of light on the eyes. Essentially, any cream shadow will do and it sets off the whole lid look nicely.

For the gloss, I used my trusty (and slightly battered) balm from Glossier, which I just layered all over the eyes. You could definitely add more and more to make things look incredibly high-shine, but I was going for wearable… Using an amount about the size of a grain of rice on each lid gave everything a slightly sweaty sheen on the lids. To match the glossy lid I went for a matte lips to keep everything easily wearable.

My top tips?

Don’t expect the eye look to hang around for hours and hours and hours. It’s more of something pretty and photo-friendly. I also applied mascara before adding the glossy touches to make sure everything didn’t get too smudgy. Also, this look is not to one to use in conjunction with liquid liner!


What do you think about the glossy lid look?


An Easy Glossy Lid