How To Banish Dry Skin This Winter

How To Banish Dry Skin This Winter

It’s almost that time of the year again. When you need a hot shower to make being in the cold bathroom bearable. Which makes skin dry. Ugh, dry skin in winter is the worst. Without some serious skin maintenance, foundation can look flakey fast! To keep things soft and supple, I’m talking how to banish dry skin this winter…

Switch things up

Now is not the time for face wipes and foamy face washes (it never is, really). Look for rich balmy cleansers to give skin that extra layer of hydration where needed – the Emma Hardie balm is divine, and perfect for making sure that skin isn’t dry in the slightest. Gravitate towards oil-based products, and not water-based ones. Those moisturising masks? Maybe leave them on overnight to wake up to silky smooth skin.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

I think the thing with dry skin is that loads of old dead skin cells are left on the surface of the skin. This a) makes things everything look dull and b) means products don’t absorb properly. Any skin needs some exfoliation every now and then, but especially if your skin has some dry patches! Although my skin can look a little pink after exfoliating sometimes, it does mean that everything is a lot softer and glowier. I like chemical exfoliators (pixi glow tonic, I’m looking at you), and then sometimes a physical one, too. I am always enamoured with the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask, and need a pot of it always! It smells like pumpkin pie and does an excellent job at adding some much needed softness to dry skin. Used once a week (preferably whilst watching Harry Potter on a Sunday for maximum efficacy), it makes sure dry skin is far more manageable.

Load up on skin-loving serums

Look for things containing hyaluronic acid to make sure skin is as hydrated as possible. I like The Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid because it’s a no-thrills approach to skin hydration; it’s very fluid in texture and sinks in immediately to skin without feeling tacky. If skin’s particularly dry, consider using a facial oil mixed in with moisturiser to make sure that skin doesn’t have that tight feeling. I also love the Clarins boosters for an extra little something in your skincare arsenal to make sure dryness is 100% banished.


Do you have any tips for how to how to banish dry skin?


How To Banish Dry Skin This Winter