Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour

Bobbi Brown Crushed Colour

If there’s one makeup item that always sets my pulse racing, it’s lipstick. I am quite the addict, but I don’t need any help. I just need more lipstick. I’ve spoken about my love for matte lipsticks a lot and my love for soft & smudgy colours; I think I’ve found my favourite new formula for everyday. I’m talking about the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colours, which are very exciting. They look like a lived-in lipstick, but feel hydrating like a balm and give a generally effortless finish to your makeup look. 

What makes them so good?

This is a new generation of lipstick – it’s definitely a good hybrid between skincare and makeup, and it feels very current for right now. It’s more a case of you wearing the lipstick, and not having the lipstick wear you. One swipe is a relaxed, everyday colour with absolutely no effort. Two swipes coats the lips in more pigment, and means that the shade is slightly more intense. It is in no way a dramatic or a statement lip, but an enhancer that doesn’t steal the show. I have Grenadine, which is a pinky wine shade that has become my Autumn jam (wearing it in the photo below). I’m also loving Bitten, which is a lovely rosy shade. There are 20 in total, and I’m already eyeing up the other 18…

The formula?

It has a perfectly balanced mix of Vitamins C & E with matte pigments – it’s genuinely one of the most comfortable finishes I’ve tried. The finish left behind is ever so sheeny without being glossy. Definitely comfortable, and one you can slick on sans mirror without too much fuss. These are not dramatically long-lasting on the lips in terms of the sheen and shine (BB claims an ambitious eight hours, but I would say five at most). Rather, the initial balmy finish does wear off, but I find that a stain is left behind on the lips.


What lipstick are you crushing on right now?


Bobbi Brown Crushed Colour

Bobbi Brown Crushed Colour


*photos by Fordtography*

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