If You Buy One Thing This Month…

Escándalo! It’s new, it’s pink and it’s scandalous… Scandal is the new perfume launch from Jean Paul Gaultier and it’s unashamedly girly. I’m struggling to think if I’ve ever seen a perfume bottle more overtly girly than this… A first from the fragrance house in that the bottle doesn’t feature the iconic corset silhouette. No, this time the bottle has quite literally been flipped on its head, featuring some mischievous pins kicking in the air. It has that irreverent quality to it that makes fragrance so fun, and earned it its place as my October beauty pick.

What is the fragrance like?

Honey. If I had to describe this fragrance in one word it would be honey! The heart note is honey but it’s present from the beginning in this. It has a fruity little initial twist thanks to the blood orange, but this quickly dissipates. It also has some patchouli in to add a little earthiness to the levels of sweetness. At the first spritz, it does smell a tiny bit artificial, but then it does warm up nicely on the skin. It’s definitely one that needs to be worn on the skin before making a decision because as it warms up it gets a lot creamier and smoother.

It’s definitely very sweet. I can imagine that this will be very popular in the next couple of months, and will be on a lot of Christmas lists. I think, for me, it’s definitely a little too sweet for daily wear but it’s more one for nights out. I also find that it doesn’t last especially long on the skin, so that stops the sweetness from becoming too cloying or heavy. I think if you enjoy embracing really girly rituals, then this perfume might just be the finishing touch to complement a dress and lots of pink lipstick.

What else does it smell like?

Paco Rabanne Olympea springs to mind, although this one is a little softer and creamier. It’s also not miles apart from V&R Flowerbomb or YSL Black Opium, so if you like those then this will definitely be a good pick!


Available from Escentual here!