Four Looks With The Instant Eye Palette

Instant Eye Palette

I’ve made no secret of my obsession with all things Charlotte Tilbury; my love for the brand has been well documented on here (link)! Seeing her latest launch, the Instant Eye Palette (link here), was just another example of a product done well. Look at the packaging, the shades and the concept. It’s 12 shadows, grouped into 4 separate looks that promise to cater for any situation. Of course, having a neutrals palettes with tones like this is nothing new or radical, but Tilbury just has a knack of putting such a luxury spin on everything.

What’s different?

The palette has been designed to be the little black dress of your makeup bag; seamlessly going with any occasion to give you the perfect eye makeup look. Tilbury is known for her signature smokey eye, and a palette like this seems like a bit of a no-brainer for me. It also has a new formula, which is less shimmery and ‘control pressed’ to ensure there’s less fallout. Although I have a lot of similar shades (oops), having everything within one clearly-labelled palette is a very nice idea and it does take the guesswork out of doing your makeup. It’s sort of like painting by numbers, for your lids.

The four looks

So in the palette there are four different looks, starting with the light and natural ones and getting progressively smokier as they go along. There’s the Day Eye, which is very light and comprised of a matte cream shade, a shimmery grey-brown for all over the lid and a matte taupe for blending. This one is supremely light and very pretty without being dramatic in the slightest. It’s something perfect to complement a more dramatic lip, or for making eyes look bigger and brighter. The Desk Eye (my favourite) is a shimmery rose gold with a matte caramel & chocolate brown, which is the sort of tones I like to wear most of the time. The formula on the mattes is gorgeous and very blendable – it is fairly powdery though, so tapping off any excess before applying is key.

The Date Eye is my second favourite, with the shades leaving an almost wet-look sheen on the lids. There’s a matte chocolate brown along with two shimmery mauve shades. Lastly, we have the Disco Eye which has one of the best black  shadows I’ve ever used. Maybe a smokey eye is something I should get behind more often, because this ~look~ was so quick & easy to do.

Instant Eye Palette

Instant Eye Palette

English Beauty

Also new (I couldn’t resist) is the English Beauty lipstick, a limited edition shade which comes in special edition packaging. It’s a lovely pink nude that sits a little deeper than Pillow Talk but not as dark as Stoned Rose. The formula is one of my absolute favourites, and sticking limited edition on anything pretty much guarantees that I will want it. It’s what I’m wearing in the Day Eye and the Desk Eye photos above.


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