Five Brands On My Radar

I see a lot of beauty newness, but I still get so excited about new launches and new brands! I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a beauty addict, because I never get tired of seeing innovative new products. At the moment I’m loving all things skincare and I’ve got five brands on my radar, and they all look fantastic…


Votary is such a gorgeous brand. Gorgeous. The only way to describe it! Everything is based around plant oils and botanicals so it’s natural skincare at its finest. The little bottles remind me of apothecary potions. I’m a big fan of face oils in general, and the ones from Votary look particularly divine. I also like that everything is made in the UK, and that the founders are still so involved with all of the products.


This promises to be the missing link between makeup and skincare, and pretty much has me sold. This is one of those Instagram brands that has caught my eye for a while now, and I am desperate to try this one in particular. The unicorn essence offers antioxidant protection for throughout the day and it acts as a primer for a smooth foundation application. Bonus points for it promising to intensify highlighter, too!

Glow Recipe

I really like a lot of Korean skin products as they tend to be really light but amazing for hydrating the skin; it’s all very nourishing. This mask looks especially lovely and I imagine it would do an excellent job at treating the skin after a long week. The line is based around giving you glowing skin, and I’m all about that life. I want to wake up with baby-soft skin in the morning. Also, the packaging for this is all kinds of dreamy and is oh-so Instagram.

BYBI Beauty

If a brand has a good Instagram and some interesting packaging, I will be interested. I’m so basic. Simple skincare designed to enhance everything that your complexion already has goes along with the lines of Glossier, too! This brand has pretty & cheery packaging and their products look like great multi-taskers.


Last but not least is this really happy little brand; Leahlani looks like a burst of sunshine in a saturated beauty world. All the products have been hand-blended in Hawaii, and they seem to be one of those brands that boosts the mood, too. Everything is a little whimsical and mermaid-inspired for your inner princess. I love the look of absolutely everything, but the Mermaid Mask, Siren Serum and Bless Beauty Balm all look amazing.