A Glossier Haul & First Impressions

Glossier. I’m sure that everyone is aware of it, with it being absolutely everywhere following its launch in the UK a few weeks ago. I know, it’s hyped and very much the current thing but I am so in love with everything that I had to share. If you’re sick of Glossier, then this post is not for you…

If you’re very much on the hype train with me, though, then enjoy! My Glosser haul is made from three separate orders in one day, which is pretty dedicated if you ask me. Having everything arrive in the pink bubble bags, and testing everything out has been really fun. It’s just that the brand has its whole concept done so well and its products do exactly as they promise… If you want to see more in depth pieces for bits I’ve tried, that’s here. If you want to buy through my affiliate link and get 10% your order, you can do so here!

Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask

Moisturising Moon Mask

As someone with permanently dry and dehydrated skin, moisturising masks are always pretty high on my radar. This one has been on my wish list for a while, so it was one of the first things I ordered. Even the name alone makes it sound pretty magical, I think. It promises to be soothing, conditioning and hydrating on the skin, which sounds like the ideal winter skin mask to me. Ingredients wise it has an oxgygenating agent to flush the skin with hydration, along with shea butter, squalene, hyaluroninc acid and honey so it’s packed full of the good stuff. I have used this twice so far, so I can’t comment on its long-term benefits but the good thing about masks is that they tend to have pretty instant results. This one instantly does leave skin a lot softer and smoother, and it did leave my skin looking a lot bouncier and hydrated. It’s one I will happily add into my weekly routine, and will definitely comment more on it after a couple of months.

Glossier lip gloss

Generation G & Lip Gloss

I picked up two of the Generation G lipsticks, in Crush and Jam. I’ve tried Cake, and loved the formula but found the colour pretty sheer for me so this time I went for the punchier shades. I love Jam in particular, as it does give the perfect berry stain to the lips without any effort. They have the ability to already look quite smudged, sheer and worn-in which gives off the minimalistic vibe nicely. I would say they are drying on the lips, so not one for matte lipstick haters. They do have the Lip Gloss, but I’ve found this to be pretty basic.

Cloud Paint

I also grabbed two more of the cloud pains in winter-friendly shades, Puff and Haze. These are very easy apply blushes that are sort of a cream/liquid/stain hybrid. I like the two shades mixed together (just a tiny dot of each) for a pink everyday hue. These are definitely worth checking out if your skin is looking a little lacklustre with powder blushes, but you don’t love how sticky cream blushes can be. Haze is the prettiest shade ever!


Glossier phase two set

Glossier Phase 2 Set

What’s better than buying one thing? Buying three in a pre-packaged set, of course. I went for the phase 2, which has the Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer and a Generation G lipstick. I’ve found the Boy Brow to be just as good as everyone says – it’s super easy and takes two seconds to do the brows but it leaves them looking naturally defined. Mine is the shade brown, which works nicely. The stretch concealer (I have the palest shade) is also excellent for fine lines and looking hydrating but it doesn’t last spectacularly well on the skin. It does reapply well, because it’s so light and hydrating. This is not a concealer for hardcore coverage and baking.

 Glossier balm dotcom

Balm Dotcom

I’ve spoken about my love for the original balm numerous times, and it’s a fabulous lip balm. I had to pick up three new flavours to try in Mint, Cherry and Birthday. All amazing, really. I mean it’s a lip balm so there’s not an extensive amount I can say about it but it does the job really well. The mint one is good for giving the lips a slight tingle and leaves lips fresh. The cherry one smells like nostalgia and it gives a gorgeous red flush to the lips (think natural Snow White). The Birthday one smells like cake and frosting and it leaves a little fine shimmer on the lips. I’ve already ordered the rose and the coconut, because I need them all…

Glossier body hero

Body Hero

Finally, we have the Body Hero duo. As soon as I saw the campaign imagery for this new launch, I was all over it. It’s excellently done. It’s an oil cleanser for the shower which works nicely for hydrating skin in the shower, and for shaving legs with. The daily perfecting cream is so gorgeous on the skin – it instantly makes skin look soft and sheeny. It’s very rich and thick on the skin, so not one if you hate that feeling. My skin gets so dry, especially in winter, so something like this is perfect. I would say that it’s very scented – it’s hard to define it exactly, but it’s lots of neroil and it’s powdery and warm.