Glowing Skin & A Berry Lip

I’m in the midst of a new makeup obsession, and I can’t stop. I’m really enjoying clean, glowing skin with the optimistic view of it being off-duty model skin. To keep it interesting, I’m going with a berry lip as well.

Starting with the glowing skin, that manages to look really natural. I love the Nars radiance primer because it’s so light on the skin but it manages to add a lovely veil of light on the skin. It’s a good one if you don’t want anything too shimmery; it’s much more about radiance and light than glitter or gleam. On top of that, the It cosmetics CC cream adds enough coverage to keep me happy and then the two together leave skin looking so fresh. Not heavy, not too shiny but just like skin on a really good day. One day I’ll have naturally glowing skin, but until then there’s makeup.

Charlotte Tilbury has many wonderful lipsticks, and I love so many of them. Too many of them, some would say. For a really wearable berry lip, I love Love Liberty as it’s not too dramatic but has the perfect hue to it. The formula’s a dream and you can dab it on if you’re not particularly into a statement lip. I like it when it’s worn with Mac Beet lip liner, to make sure there’s a really precise line and no smudging.

Finally, a little hint of eyeshadow because wearing none at all feels alien to me! The Urban Decay shadow in Riff is an excellent one-wash shadow that quickly adds some definition to the eyes. Nothing complicated, but a quick sweep of colour to add some balance to the face. To go with that I’m testing out their new mascara, which is meant to be sex-proof! It’s quite a dry formula, and I have yet to smudge it all over my lids which is my biggest mascara problem. Will report back.