Laurzrah Loves: Hair Detanglers

I’m writing a post all about my favourite ways to detangle hair at a time where it’s been cut off so I’m living my best tangle-free life… That will last approximately five minutes so luckily I’ve got these picks tried & tested. My hair, on a good day, is knotty, frizzy and dry so it’s really fun and totally not an inconvenience to sort out. I’m sharing some of my picks of the best hair detanglers (hair posts are rare around here!) to have silky smooth hair.

A detangler miracle worker

First up is the Mane & Tail detangler, which is something I’m using before I wash my hair to try and make the whole thing as painless as possible. It’s a good one for adding some moisture and shine too, but the best thing is how it gives hair that extra slip. It makes everything a lot easier to brush, and it helps to stop any existing tangles hurt when you rip through them. This is also a good one to use on dry hair to eliminate some frizz, too.

The best hairbrush ever

The only hairbrush that works on detangling my hair the Wet Brush; it’s like a hot knife gliding through butter. The best. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes it so effective at detangling hair but it’s magic. According to Wet Brush, the bristles are ‘intelligent’ which means they know when to be gentle and vice versa. It means I can use a brush on my wet hair without fear of ripping out all of my hair which is always good to me. As a testament to my love for the brush, I have a miniature one and a full size one, just in case.

All of the oils

Something I always use on damp hair is a good oil, as it makes everything look a little less frizzy and means that it keeps my hair less tangled when it’s dry. At the moment I’m using the Lee Stafford Coco Loco hair oil, which smells amazing. To be honest, I dread to think what my hair would look like without using an oil… I’m thinking Hermione Granger meets Monica Gellar in Barbados.


Do you suffer from tangled hair too?