A Little Sephora Haul

It might have taken me a little while to realise that Venice had a Sephora, but once I did I didn’t mess about. It took me about twenty seconds to find the Sephora, and even less time to pick up a few new treats. I also hadn’t bought anything new, beauty wise, in over a month so this was definitely allowed.

First on my list were some new Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. There are some lovely new shades that I hadn’t seen before! I picked up Ophelia, which is a soft nude-beige shade that’s going to be just perfect with a smokey eye. I also went for Lovecraft, because it’s a beautiful cool-toned pink and I’m obsessed with that kind of shade. I could have gone for more, but I stuck with these two as I figured I’d get a lot of wear out of them. I’ve spoken about the KVD formula before, and it remains one of the best you can get.

I spotted this on the way to the till, and just couldn’t resist… It’s so special. The Marc Jacobs palette in Scandalust is a beauty. Definitely nothing new, colour wise, but it’s undeniably lovely. I love all the shades, and it swatches so nicely so I had to have it. What can I say, I was on holiday? I’m going to be featuring this in a post next week, so stay tuned!

I love the Sephora face masks – they have such a good range of lovely different products, so I had to pick up a few. It was also 3 for 2, so I went for two of their sheet masks and one of their eye masks. I’ve tried the rose ones before, and they are really lovely. I’m really looking forward to the eye ones as well, as my eyes seem to be permanently tired at the moment. Having a sheet mask is one of those times when you have to lie down and just relax, so I really that aspect. My plans for the weekend include just lying down and not doing a lot else…


Have you picked up anything new lately?