Minimal Makeup That Still Looks Polished

When in a rush, minimal makeup is just so easy. So easy. Quite a lot of the time though, what looks like effortless minimalistic makeup in my head translates into me looking a little… disheveled. This is where some of my hard-working products come into play and the ones that managed to achieve the balance between casual and polished. From the best base around to the perfect neutral shadow and a seriously interesting new lip balm formula, I’ve got all bases covered…

Yup, I’m talking about the It Cosmetics CC Cream again… it’s just what I always reach for on low-key makeup days. It has enough coverage to make my skin look better than on its own, but it doesn’t ever look heavy. If I’m in a massive rush, I tend to blend it in with fingers and the whole thing takes less than a minute. The Too Faced concealer is always good for under the eyes and on the face too. Cream blush is my favourite for natural makeup days, because it does sculpting, colour and sheen in one go; this Pretty Powerful shade from Bobbi Brown is perfect for this!

Eyes are where I always struggle to keep things looking the right side of minimal. I just really love glitter, OK? For something super easy, a smudge of the Mac paint pot in Groundwork is as good as it gets. It’s the best brown shadow, ever. It definitely looks a little bland in the pot, but it has this beautiful richness on the lid that keeps things looking interesting. It’s seriously underrated! I use it a lot as a base for other shadow too, but on its own it’s pretty special. A lick of my current mascara and we’re good to go. Brow wise, I’m definitely on the Glossier Boy Brow hype, and I’m loving how it looks. So so simple to use and it just makes brows look better without looking too done. 

Lastly, we have the Erborian Matte for lips Soft-as-powder lip balm. I’ve seen that powder lips are going to be a bit of a trend soon, and Erborian is first there. These are super soft lip balms that leave lips looking perfectly natural but still pouty and a little bit perfected. The formula has camellia oil which stops the formula from being too dry but the whole thing is not in the slightest bit sheeny or shiny. Clever stuff. This shade is especially lovely for making lips look like they’ve just been bitten, and it’s a pretty pink rosy shade that doesn’t look overtly lipsticky.


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