Morning Routines For Those Short Of Time

Does anyone have time to spare in the morning? I thought not! Mornings for me are a whirlwind of coffee, hasty foundation application and at least ten minutes agonising over what to wear…

As soon as my alarm goes off (ugh), I snooze it. Is that awful? I don’t care, I need it. I snooze it for a couple of times until I have to get up and then throw myself into the shower. Morning showers take about 4 minutes because I’m always trying to speed and then the faster I get out of the shower, the faster I can have my morning coffee. It’s a bit of a whirlwind of me running around, making coffee in my towel and then putting on Netflix… I always need background noise when I get ready! Having a hot drink is such an essential in the morning, it makes the whole process a lot less painful, and then lets me get ready faster.

Makeup entirely depends on a) how long I have and b) if I have any meetings that day. Normally it’s foundation applied with a beauty blender – I tend to reach for long-lasting formulas because I’m out of the house all day; for super speedy mornings, the It cosmetics CC cream blended in with the fingers works perfectly. I have to have loads of highlighter and then one of the Stila glitter shadows all over the lid. They look like you’ve put loads more effort in than you have, my top secret for speedy mornings. I tend to drown myself in setting spray, and the whole process takes fifteen minutes if I rush! Lipstick I apply when I’m on the tube to save a few precious seconds.

Then, hair. Oh, hair. Why must you take so long to look even vaguely decent? Don’t even get me started on the pain of doing your hair and then getting caught in the rain because yes I’m not over this happening to me every gd week. When I want my hair to look slightly presentable, I tend to run my GHDs through the ends, apply loads of the Sam McKnight cool girl hair spray through the roots and ends (smells so good), and then muss it up a bit and keep my fingers crossed it looks OK. It’s not foolproof, and I definitely end up channeling my inner Noel Fielding quite a lot of the time, but it’s pretty much all I can stand in the morning. I also need to cut my hair off again, so it styles itself and requires even less effort. I also tie it up night in this little Mozart hair style which seems to minimise frizz as much as my hair will allow.


Do you have any tips for a speedy morning?