Panasonic Beauty: Shaped Around You

*collaborative post with Panasonic

Being the unashamed beauty nerd that I am, when a new gadget (or two) comes along, my interest is always piqued. I’m so excited to have been working with Panasonic on their new Shaped Around You campaign, which is all about their exciting skincare innovations each  designed to complement your existing skincare routine. Working with Louise Thomas-Minns, I was given a bespoke skinalysis of the products needed based around my existing regime and skincare concerns. For someone who battles with dry and dehydrated skin constantly, these two new gadgets have quickly become part of my routine for making my skin so much happier.

Making skincare work harder with the 3-in- 1 Micro-Current Facial Enhancer

This facial enhancer is a very exciting new launch; the first of its kind as a product that works with serums and moisturisers to make them work harder and more effectively. It looks and feels a little bit like a microphone in the hand, and is definitely the most sophisticated beauty gadget I have come across. It has three different options out of purifying, moisturising and cooling. Purifying works by using gentle heat to help open the pores and then extract more dirt and grease from the skin. It works best when used with something like a cream cleanser to really leave skin soft and clean. The moisturising is best used with moisturisers and gels to maximise skin’s hydration (and it’s my favourite setting). According to Panasonic, it increases the results and the efficacy of the skincare by 40% in how well it hydrates the skin. I’ve been using this a lot with moisturising masks and it feels so incredibly relaxing and soothing on the skin. The cooling setting is best used to soothe and tighten the skin – it does feel very cool, and certainly refreshes the skin! This one is perfect for under the eyes to help get rid of any puffiness. It would also work well for using in conjunction with something like a lightweight gel used in the morning.

This enhancer is one of those extra steps that takes an ordinary skincare routine and turns it into something far more luxurious. It’s definitely not an essential step in your everyday life, but since I have incorporated it into my routine I have been noticing that my skin is looking less red in the mornings (I guess the moisturising is really working!). It’s a little bit addictive as well because the cool setting feels so lovely and cold on the skin & the moisturising is so warm and relaxing! As a bit of a gadget aficionado it’s definitely been an easy step to remember to use, as well as it being pretty fun.


Making a spa at home with the Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer

Whenever I go to a spa (sadly not anywhere near as often as I’d like), the steam room is my favourite bit. It makes my skin feel fantastic, as I suppose I’m permanently on the slightly dehydrated side and any steam makes such a difference! This steam system is like having your own steam room from the comfort of your sofa… The science behind this is that the nano-ionic technology means the steam particles are incredibly fine, which hydrates the skin more effectively. After eight weeks of use, Panasonic saw moisture levels in the skin increase by 130%, which is exactly what I need to banish dry skin this winter. I’ve been using this after cleansing and before any other skincare steps. You can’t feel the steam on the skin, but I tend to use it sat at my desk (probably watching Netflix) and immediately after use, my skin looks a lot happier and plumper, which is basically the effect I am always after (just like right after the steam room or a hot shower). This is really one for dehydrated skin or those suffering from fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness, or those looking for an excuse to relax! It’s the perfect way to up the ante in your pampering routine.


What do you think about these, the newest beauty gadgets on the block?