The Perfect Pink Coat

My obsession with all things dusky pink seems to show no signs of slowing down, and I’m more than OK with it. Anything that even vaguely resembles millenial pink automatically gets my seal of approval, because it’s so damn pretty. Case in point is this little dreamboat of a trench coat that I snapped up from Asos because it seemed like the perfect transitional Autumnal coat situation. Did I mention it was pink?

I’m not sure how extensively I can write about a trench coat, because it’s relatively simple. I’ll do my best though, because I am a little obsessed with this right now. The lining is soft and silky, and the whole thing sits nicely in its cut. It has a belt and most importantly, it has big Hagrid-style pockets where I can put my oyster card, lip balm and my phone (the essentials). It has that magical quality that only a trench coat can have in that it instantly makes your outfit look a lot more pulled together and (hopefully) stylish.

I’m also very pleased with these new Chelsea boots, which are so shiny that they remind me of conkers. The dress is currently on sale here! All in all, the outfit seemed to be satisfyingly Autumnal, and will be repeated. I’m definitely not someone to take massive risks with my outfits, but hopefully sharing them amongst some little snippets of London is a nice little interlude from my usual ramblings on lipstick.

Before these photos were taken we went to brunch at Muriel’s in South Kensington, one of the very best brunch spots. It’s highly recommended if you also enjoy pastel tea cups and home-cooked cosy meals. The promise of brunch is the only thing that manages to entice me out of the house on a Sunday morning, and it did not disappoint. Maybe in my next life I’ll review cute places to have brunch in London, and get paid to eat pancakes…

Photos by Fordtography

[shop the coat here]