Ten Horror Movies You Need To Watch This Halloween

As well as lipsticks, one of my other great loves is horror films. Specifically, really scary horror films. As it’s the month of Halloween (yes, it’s a whole month), I wanted to share some of my spooky favourites. Hopefully they cover a wide enough range to mean that there’s one scary one in there for everyone!

  1. The Shining – my very favourite film ever! I love Jack Nicholson so much and this film is spectacular
  2. Rosemary’s Baby – extremely, extremely creepy
  3. The Witch – beautifully shot, beautifully spooky
  4. Inside – not to be watched if you’re pregnant, FYI
  5. Audition – perfect introduction to Japanese horror
  6. The Descent – mostly scary because of how claustrophobic it is
  7. The Cabin in the Woods – a slightly more interesting take on your typical story
  8. Sinister – creepy home movies galore!
  9. The Babadook – even better now he’s apparently a gay icon
  10. The Autosopy of Jane Doe – morgues! Witches! Creepy ringing bells


Do you love horror films?