How To Actually Do Your Makeup In Five Minutes

Every morning of my life is just a mix of me hitting the snooze button on my alarm one too many times, and scrambling to get ready… Not enough sleep and early morning starts mean that my makeup tends to be rushed. Five minute makeup gets bandied about a lot, but sometimes you really do have only five minutes and you have to turn into a makeup machine.

The most time-consuming bit of makeup is always perfecting the base or attempting some complicated eye makeup look. In a rush, something with lots of eye shadow is always missed, so I spend time on my base. Using the Glossier priming moisturiser hydrates the skin beautifully and the texture means you can apply foundation immediately afterwards. You could go one step further and mix it in with your foundation, but my skin is a bit too dry for that. Foundation wise, something light and blendable is key when in a rush – the Clinique even better glow is my pick right now; sensational glow for a natural skin look. You can just use fingers to speedily blend it in, or a beauty blender for something slightly more polished. It’s not one for full coverage, but it does leave skin looking polished and perfected. For blush, using a dab of the Lord & Berry cream blush in sweet pink is as easy as it comes. It has a really malleable texture and is super easy to blend; I apply cream blush using my ring thing and just dabbing it on takes about 20 seconds.

Even when we’re working against the clock, there has to be time to add some glow. When I’m in a serious rush, highlighter doubles up as a champagne eyeshadow too. Dusting something golden like the Jouer highlighter in rose gold over the cheekbones and the lids using a Mac 217 brush is so speedy, but it manages to make you look brighter and more awake. If we had more time, we could do liner, lots of mascara and multiple shadows but for a truly speedy routine, highlighter does the double job nicely. A speedy curl of lashes, a swipe of mascara and then a coat of the Glossier boy brow means you’re pretty much done.

By now, we’ve pretty much had our five minutes of frantic makeup application, so a quick swipe of lipstick finishes the look. Something sheer means you can swipe on without any fuss, but the red poppy tones in the Lipstick Queen medieval lipstick adds such a brightness to the face.


What’s your go-to makeup when you’re in a rush?