Give Me More Glitter

My makeup discovery of the year will definitely have to go to the Stila Magnificent Metals; nothing else comes close to these glitter shadows. They go on smoothly and stay looking so pigmented all day long. When I saw that Stila had launched this Eye for Elegance set (including the brand new liquid cream shadow formula), I had to try. It has a Christmas red glitter! In the set, you have three cream shades and three of the glitters in miniature sizes (you get 4.5ml in the regular size and this one has 2.25ml for reference).

Give me the glitter

In the glitter set we have Peachy Sheen, which is new. It’s very sheer and definitely one designed to be layered over shadows. I think it works nicely worn with rose gold shadows, of which I have plenty… Smouldering Satin is one of the regular shadows, and it’s a nice neutral tan shade that would go with a lot of looks. Next To Notte is the most exciting, in my opinion. It just screams Christmas. A deep red shade with pink sparkle – this one doesn’t stay as sparkly as the other shades when on the lid, but it’s still very beautiful. I think the glitter in this set does seem to feel a tad more gritty, and they’re not as smooth and pigmented overall compared to Kitten Karma & Rose Gold Retro. This is me being the glitter connoisseur, though.

The shimmer shades

Equally as exciting as the red glitter was the inclusion of the new formula, the Shimmer & Glow. These are a new formula, coming out next spring, where there is no glitter but just a high sheen. These are gorgeous. Very pigmented, fast-drying and high-shine. Grace is especially gorgeous on the lid, and I can’t wait to see what other shades they release. Stila is just bringing it when it comes to new formulas for shadows.


Have you tried the glitter shadows yet?