Making Lipstick Look Good

Ah, lipstick. My favourite step in my makeup routine, but it’s one that requires so much prep to make sure it always looks as good as possible. I’m sharing my top tips on making lipstick look good, always.

A sparkling smile

First step in my quest for always making lipstick look good is to make sure my smile is as sparkling as it can be… I’ve been testing out the White Wash nano intensive whitening kit for the last couple of weeks in a bid to banish any coffee stains. The kit has enough for 14 days, and it hasn’t made my teeth feel any more sensitive (looking at you Crest strips!), and things are looking a little pearlier.

The prep

A good balm is a non-negotiable in general but especially when you’re wearing lipstick. I am a lip balm fiend and haver at least two in my bag at any given moment, and I’ve tried pretty much all of them. Current favourites include the new Lypsil ones as they smell lovely – clean, would be the best way – and they come with a handy mirror in the lid for on-the-go. The DHC Lip Cream is also a really good one to wear underneath lipstick as it’s really hydrating but not in the slightest bit thick or sticky.

Low-maintenance lipstick

For an easy way to give the lips a little colour with minimal effort, I love a tinted balm. The Glossier balm dot coms (duh), but especially the cherry one as it gives a lovely tint to the lips, that gives a little bit of a  Snow White vibe. Also it smells/tastes delicious, just like cherry sweets. For another tinted balm, the Erborian rouge for lips is gorgeous for giving lips a slightly smudged, slightly kissed effect. It’s slightly deeper in tone, so it’s the perfect way to ease yourself into wearing a statement lip.

Bold choices

Finally, once teeth are gleaming and lips are prepped we have my two favourite bold lip choices of the moment! The Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Craft is one I always reach for when I’m going on a night out because the shade is perfect and it literally stays in place all night. Newer to my stash is the By Terry rouge Expert click-stick in My Red (via World Duty Free), which is a swish-looking clicky lipstick. It has a teeny tiny little bullet so it’s easy to be really precise, and it has a soft and comfortable formula.


Do you have any tips for making lipstick look good?