A Super Easy Mauve Eye

We interrupt your usual posts raving about warm-toned eyeshadows to bring you… A super easy mauve eye. Nothing groundbreaking, but something pretty in pink that looks a lot more fiddly than it is. Including the new Huda palette, lots of glitter and a good everyday mascara, I’m pretty much sold on this new look.

The new Huda Mauve Obsessions palette is amazing. It is. I’d been holding off on trying the shadows because they seemed expensive and I heard mixed reviews. When I saw the new miniature ones, I was tempted to go for the warm-browns (to match my other 5643 warm brown eyeshadows), but I went for this Mauve one instead. I’m so glad I did, because it’s reignited my love for plummy shadows! They’re so easy, and manage to add a little bit of drama to your makeup whilst still being immensely wearable. I’ve been taking the top left shade and sweeping it all over the lid with a fluffy brush and then deepening the colour a little bit with the bottom right shade. So easy, and the shadows themselves are really pigmented and smooth so it’s pretty easy. If I want to keep it matte I’ve been using the middle shade all over the lid, but I mostly go for sparkle…

Of course there has to be some glitter involved. It’s pretty much my ‘thing’ at this point, as I wear it so much. Taking the teeny weeny Stila glitter shadow in Peachy Sheen (which is from this set), I just patted it all over the main part of the lid. I know I rave about the formula on these a lot, but they’re honestly so easy and make it look like you’ve put loads of effort in. Of course, glitter is optional but it adds this whole lovely dimension to the mauve and makes everything seem so perfect for this time of year.

Then the finishing touch is mascara! At the moment I’m using this one from Rimmel, the Wonder’Full. My mum recommended it me (beauty blogger in the making) because she said it leaves lashes feeling soft and it’s easy to take off. She’s right! This is definitely not a super dramatic mascara, but it doesn’t ever have that crunchy lash feeling or look too clumpy. Also, it’s so so easy to take off in the evening – before this, I’d been using Benefit They’re Real and it was making my lashes fall out when I tried to take it off. Too clumpy!

Is mauve shadow your sort of thing?