All good things must come to an end, just as #TheBlogRace must come to a close. Having the weekly structure and time constraint has really pushed me to create some posts that I’ve been proud of. Looking back on some things being in the race has taught me has also left me inspired to create some more killer content today…

It’s OK to be competitive. 100%. I’m really competitive with myself, and I always tend to push myself as much as I can. This can be a bad thing sometimes when it leads to me comparing myself to others, and also for that feeling I force upon myself when I feel like I haven’t succeeded. Oh yeah, I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when I want to be! Ultimately it pushes me to always try my best. Every week that we had a new challenge, it left me inspired and determined to create the best content that I possibly could.

There’s no limit to how much you can support others. Championing other people’s work and efforts in no way makes your own work any less important. Working alongside some incredibly talented bloggers inspired me to up my game, and to work as hard as they do. Again, I tried not to directly compare myself because #TheBlogRace showed me how one challenge can be interpreted so differently by different people.

I can push myself creatively. I blog a lot, and work a lot already so having the extra deadline of something I would deem ready to be shared was definitely a challenge but I did it every week. There’s always time to do a little bit more, whether that’s spending twenty minutes starting a blog post or even ten minutes on pinterest… It’s all workable if you’re inspired enough. I think having blogged a lot the last couple of years, it was really refreshing having the external voice giving me a specific type of content to be created.

Being proud of yourself is important. Every week without fail, I have been proud of myself in this challenge so far. Too often, being proud of yourself can be misconstrued as being arrogant but it’s so important to always remember how hard you’re working and what you’ve achieved.  #TheBlogRace showed me that I’m doing a good job in this whole blogging world. It’s left me feeling inspired to keep on working hard, and to keep moving towards even bigger things.


Photos by Fordtography