Two New Instagram Approved Launches

The curse of Instagram means that pretty much every product I try is also judged upon its aesthetic. It’s definitely a case of judging a book by its cover, but who am I to say no when there’s a new calibre of products that look good on the outside and contain equally good product inside. Of course, I’m not saying that a product has to look good in order to be good, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Two new launches have caught my eye with their packaging; there’s Lixir, a new brand on the block and You, the inaugural perfume launch from Glossier.


So, Lixir. This brand has some of the prettiest packaging I’ve ever seen. So minimalistic and chic. It’s the formulas behind the brand have got me really excited though! The brand is comprised of a mix of everyday products for the skin, with a pared-back approach. No ten-step routines but a carefully curated edit of hard-working products that are designed to work on all skins and concerns. Formulated by longtime beauty creative expert, Colette, the range contains results-led ingredients and products.

I’ve been trying out the Electrogel Cleanser, which is my new go-to evening cleanse. It has geranium, sage, rosemary and chamomile so it smells delicious and leaves you feeling relaxed. It’s designed to have negatively charged particles which acts as a magnet for grime & dirt. Definitely a good one for city skin. Formula wise, it’s fairly similar in texture to the liz earle cleanse & polish, but with just a little bit more slip. It has shea butter in it, but it doesn’t leave the skin feeling coated or leave a residue behind. It’s not fantastic for removing all traces of makeup, but makes an excellent second cleanse – I wear too much mascara and glitter shadows regularly to use something light like this to eradicate all makeup. There’s also a Universal Emulsion and a Vitamin C paste, which are next on the list in the quest for perfect skin.

Glossier You

Nothing sets my pulse racing faster than a new perfume launch… except when it’s from my beauty brand of the moment, Glossier. You can see my big haul here and get 10% off here! You has been described as the ultimate personal fragrance, in that it’s meant to smell like you at all times. It has ambrette, ambrox and musk so it’s instantly very soft, musky and powdery on the skin. It’s a little like molecule 01 in that it adapts to your skin and doesn’t ~wear you~. It’s gorgeous. Not the longest lasting of fragrances, but wonderfully comforting on the skin. Sort of like the perfume equivalent of being wrapped in a warm blanket straight out of the tumble dryer.