All Eyes On You

It’s the time of year when I’m looking… tired. The culmination of late nights, looming deadlines and numerous festivities has left my skin looking a little worse for wear. I need more sleep and less mulled wine, but luckily there’s lot of products to help me fake it. From the best eye creams to de-puff to shadows to suit all…

Starting off with some new eye creams, because it’s no good piling on concealer for skin that looks dry and dull. I’ve been trying out two products from Christian Breton; the Serum-Elixir is a daily treatment designed to minimise any signs of ageing. It’s packed full of hyaluronic acid, which noticeably leaves the skin around the eyes looking fresher in a flash. Used in the morning, it feels refreshing and helps make me look more awake. For eradicating any signs of puffiness, there’s also the Ice Stick eye contour which is a great pick for when you’re suffering from puffy eyes. It feels icily refreshing on tired eyes first thing in the morning as well, so it’s a step you look forward to. To finish off the ‘well-rested’ illusion, the Tarte Shape Tape concealer hides any shadows and manages to make the entire face instantly look far more awake.

When it comes to shadow, we can play it safe with some lovely neutrals or something a little more sparkly and ~out there~. For a fail-safe neutral, the Burberry shadow in Pale Barley is one of the best around with its ability to suit every eye colour. The formula is soft and sheeny, and it easily blends all over the lid when applied with a fluffy brush. It’s also the perfect sort of shade to wear to complement a red lip, making it perfect for the party season. For something that steals the show, the Stila Magnificent Metal shadow in Sea Siren is all kinds of gorgeous. It catches the light beautifully, and adds a rich dimension to the lids. Sort of like a disco on the lids.