Cosy Things To Do Before Christmas

It’s officially two weeks until Christmas! Which means it’s busier than ever and people are wandering around eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine with reckless abandon. It’s the season to indulge, with lots to do between now and the big day. I’m all about these Cosy Things To Do Before Christmas…

Watch a Christmas movie, or ten. I think we’re all officially allowed to indulge in as many Christmas films as we can now. My favourites include Bad Santa, The Grinch, Home Alone, The Holiday & Love Actually (never Elf!). Preferably all watched from the comfort of the sofa whilst drinking tea and wrapped in a blanket.

Write your Christmas cards. Taking the time to put pen to paper and write a card seems wonderfully old-fashioned. This year I’ve gone extra and painted little Christmas trees in my cards, which was immensely relaxing. Do them now and pop them in the post to leave your relatives feeling loved. See also: wrapping all the Christmas presents and listening to the Pogues as you do so.

Do something festive. There’s so much to do in the lead up to Christmas… we’ve been to winter wonderland, but there’s things like carol concerts, markets, ice-skating and nativity plays. Basically, the sky is the limit on how festive you want to feel!

Bake something indulgent. I’ve been eyeing up a recipe I found to make salted caramel millionaire shortbread (with pretzels too!), and Christmas just seems like the perfect time to indulge. Chris normally makes rocky road and oreo truffles too… I’m also tempted to fit in a fondue session before Christmas!

Buy some new pyjamas. Festive pyjamas are my favourite aesthetic at the moment. I’ve stocked up with some new bits from Primark and M&S, and I’m fully embracing the cold weather by lounging about inside.

Enjoy doing nothing. I don’t know about everyone, but December is always an absolutely hectic month… Work deadlines, so much socialising and trying to fit in some blogging time too. Before we even know it, it’s January and I need to work on lots of new year content. In the few little snippets where I have nothing major planned, I full plan to savour the quiet time.


What are you up to in the Christmas countdown?