Flawless Base Favourites

Flawless Base Favourites

The best bit about makeup is that through the use of various lotions and potions, you can fake your way to flawless very quickly. I’m a big fan of anything that promises to make my skin look a bit better, brighter or more luminous, so I’m going through a few of my flawless base favourites.

Starting thins off with some serious skincare helps to make sure everything looks as flawless as it can. It’s all about that base… I’ve been an advocate of facial massage for ages, but especially when you’re looking to make your skin look more radiant. I like the Pai Rosehip oil massaged in with the jade roller. Bridging the gap between skincare and makeup is the REN perfect canvas, which helps to prep the skin for makeup nicely. I spoke about it in more detail here, but I’m still very much enjoying this as part of my daily makeup routine.

Ace of base

When I want a flawless base, I always try to make sure my skin doesn’t look so red… my absolute staple is the it cosmetics bye bye redness cream. It’s like a very thick blendable concealer that eradicates any redness in the skin and makes the base look even. On top of that, one pump of the Nars all day luminous foundation blended in with finger tips gives skin a really polished look. The foundation manages to give good coverage and it gets a little better as the day wears on. Adding in a dash of my favourite under-eye concealer, the Clarins instant concealer, makes sure that my skin looks as good as it can, and helps me look more rested… Truly a beautiful concealer that everyone needs to try. Adding in some seamless colour also helps to make everything a little more flawless, so the Glossier cloud paints get a lot of use and this pinky one makes skin look suitably perky.

Finally, a spritz (or seven) of the Too Faced Hangover setting spray locks makeup into place and makes sure everything stays looking glossy. It’s a must for making sure makeup doesn’t smudge off, and it plays a big role in ensuring foundation doesn’t look cakey or dry. Definitely one for dehydrated skin types!