Moisturisers To Banish Dry Skin This Winter

Moisturisers To Banish Dry Skin This Winter

There’s no denying it now, it’s cold. It’s time to wear all of the scarves and gloves, drink all of the hot drinks and up the ante when it comes to skincare. My skin tends to err on the side of being dehydrated and dry all year round, but especially in winter. As soon as I step out of the shower, my skin feels tight and dry so I’m turning to some seriously luxurious moisturisers to make sure skin is left soft.

Pretty much the perfect winter cream is the Glossier priming moisturiser rich. Very hydrating but not at all greasy, it’s the perfect base for underneath makeup. It has an anti-redness complex to leave skin looking even, and an oxygenating agent to leave a perfect canvas underneath your base. I’d been trying out the regular priming moisturiser for weeks before this one, and this one is just an entirely different league when it comes to hydrating the skin. Packed with shea and murumuru butters, and smelling like lavender, it’s a sumptuous treat.

For a more intensive treatment, the Kiehl’s ultra facial deep moisture balm is one to add some serious hydration to the skin when it’s needed. It’s the equivalent of butter on the skin, so it’s one for very dry skins. It has edelweiss flower extract which lives in the Swiss Alps, meaning it’s the perfect ingredient to help fight against any icy weather and subsequent dry skin. I like to use this one at night, as a restorative treatment to wake up with softer skin.

Lastly we have the Zelens Marine Complex deep restorative cream, which I’ve finished since taking these photos. It’s wonderfully rich & comforting on the skin – definitely a good one to use if skin is feeling sensitive or sore as it’s so soothing. It’s packed full of marine ingredients which all work together to nourish the skin; plankton, seaweed & spirulina to name a few all help regenerate the skin and leave it a lot smoother and more supple. It’s also wonderfully expensive, making it like one of those jars you see on a movie star’s dressing table.