Tips On Maintaining Glowing Skin

Tips On Maintaining Glowing Skin

Is glowing skin ever not in? No, didn’t think so. Especially now that it’s colder and darker and there are more parties popping up, it’s time to make sure skin is glowing as much as it can. From the best skincare gadgets to the glow-giving facials, I’ve got you covered (along with the usuals like drinking plenty of water).

Stick to a routine

The best thing I’ve ever found for my skin is to be consistent with my skincare. Every single evening I have to try my best not to be so lazy and to stick to my cleansing/toning/moisturising routine. I’ve been trying out Aurelia Skincare, including their dreamy miracle cleanser (so nice at the end of a long day). The skincare is all so dreamy, and the packaging looks particularly cute in my bathroom. I’m also working my way through the Glossier pure serum, which is like a glass of water for thirsty skin.

Add in some gadgets

I am all about the latest beauty gadgets… anything with bold claims that promises to make my face look better piques my interest. Looking suitably festive is the rose gold Magnitone cleansing brush, which is just the prettiest. This is a fab little brush to use in the evening to make sure skin is thoroughly clean and exfoliated – working in central London all day means I always want to make sure my skin is washed properly to make sure pollution doesn’t ruin my face. I also love this magnitone brush because you can use it in the shower – so easy!

Have a Facial

A few weeks ago, I had the CACI Synergy Purifying treatment, which has played a big part in helping to keep my skin look fresh. It was also my first experience of microdermabrasion, which didn’t hurt but it did leave my skin pretty pink afterwards. The treatment also used red & blue LED light along with a CACI Hydro Mask, and it left me feeling super relaxed and with super-soft skin. I got mine done at Seduire in Soho and would highly recommend for pre-party skin. For an at home facial, there’s also the Yes To coconut DIY powder-to-clay mask, which does a nice job at hydrating and smoothing the skin. You mix it up in before you use it with either water, honey or yoghurt to have a face-paste situation. Either way, incorporating a regular monthly facial into your skincare routine means that your complexion has that extra little boost to give it some glow.


Do you have any glowing skin tips?