Why You Need To Try A Shower Oil

Why You Need To Try A Shower Oil

One of the absolute worst things about winter mornings is stepping out of the shower and feeling so cold. My skin gets dry, and slathering on body moisturisers is good but I’ve found something better. Far less stripping than soaps and soapy shower gels, an oil manages to leave skin clean but without feeling stripped. Right now, shower oils are pretty much the only thing I want to use; they’re wonderfully softening on the skin, give good slip for shaving the legs and my favourites smell delicious too.

Starting with the cult brand Glossier and their Body Hero Daily Oil Wash. Millenial pink packaging, check. Body positive campaign imagery, check. Pump for ease of use in the shower, check. This is a cleansing oil inspired by what we use to wash our faces with, and it’s gorgeously gentle. It has a lightweight blend of seven oils (coconut, meadowfoam, olive, soybean, sesame, grapeseed and sunflower seed), and it does smell very strongly of Neroli. It makes the whole thing have a powdery fresh fragrance, but it’s by no means something neutral or subtle… at least it’s one Chris won’t steal.

For something fragranced a little less overtly feminine, the L’Occitane Shea Shower oil is gorgeous. Their almond oil is one of their better known products, but this one is my top pick. It smells really soft and rich, making it perfect for pretty much anyone – suitable for anyone.  The texture is beautifully thick and like a proper oil – it really melts into the skin and leaves a definite film behind afterwards, so it’s perfect for dry skin. With 10% shea oil, it’s definitely a dream for soothing tightness and it leaves skin feeling smooth and silky.


So shower oils leave skin silkier and softer without any of the dryness – have you tried one yet?