25 Things To Do To Improve Your Blog This January

Call me basic but the new year has left me feeling so fantastically motivated – bonus points to 2018 for starting on a Monday because it makes me extra happy. In the spirit of being more organised and turning 2018 into my year, I’m sharing some of my tips for maximising your blog this January…

  1. Invest in a new layout for a new year – I’m looking at you, pipdig
  2. Get a new header and a new logo to look all professional in the new year
  3. Do a technical audit – fix any broken links, make sure all images are loading properly on your site
  4. Add in some swish & fancy shopstyle widgets at the bottom of your posts
  5. Add in some new categories for people to browse… cooking, lifestyle, travel
  6. Upgrade your comments section and go for disqus – it’s the best!
  7. Remember to enjoy your blog and don’t forget why you started it
  8. Update your blog email with a new signature (or get a dedicated blog email!)
  9. Update and create a new media kit with up-to-date information and stats
  10. Play around with your photography style and have some new photos – maybe try a new theme on Instagram?
  11. Consider a new post layout – I’m trying to insert more images in between the text to mix things up
  12. Share what you love – your blog is yours
  13. Plan some posts out for the foreseeable future – bonus points if you get February content planned whilst in January!
  14. Come up with a new blog series that you’ll keep going all year
  15. Start chatting to some new bloggers and comment on their blogs – share the love!
  16. Use any downtime you have wisely to maximise your time and get some stuff done
  17. Set up auto-promotion on your new posts so an update automatically goes out to twitter & facebook without having to do anything
  18. Don’t be scared to mix things up and try some new content
  19. Network with some other bloggers – in real life or via email
  20. Set some goals that you’d like to work towards, number wise – just to keep you focussed
  21. Reach out to some PRs and introduce yourself with a friendly email
  22. Pick a social media platform and work really hard on improving it – Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram…
  23. Discover a new blogging routine that works perfectly for you
  24. Pick up some new stationery to leave you feeling all organised
  25. Remember that you’re not perfect and you’re doing your best!