A More Streamlined Skincare Routine

A More Streamlined Skincare Routine

If 2016 was the year of just realising things, then maybe 2018 is the year of things being a bit pared back when it comes to an extensive beauty routine. I love the idea of elaborate ten-step routines but they’re not always realistic at the end of a long day. Netflix usually gets in the way, if I’m being honest… So, this year I’m aiming for a more streamlined skincare routine.

Work out what you really need

The first steps to working out how to streamline your routine would be to work out what exactly you need; really evaluating the condition of your skin helps to determine what you truly need. There’s also the possibility of looking for multi-tasking products that you can use like an exfoliating cleanser. I’d say for my comprehensive skincare routine, I need a good cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and an SPF, with things like masks and treatments being a weekly add-on.

Cleanse with benefits

The cornerstone of any skincare routine is definitely a good cleanser – it makes sure skin is left as clean as possible, and there’s no makeup, pollution or crime left. Find a good cleanser and you’re pretty much set! I love the Lixir electrogel cleanser because it smells like a dream, and the creamy texture does a great job at being massaged into the skin. It’s the sort of cleanser that can be used to deeply clean the skin in the evening, and as a great morning cleanse which helps to de-clutter your bathroom cabinet.

The next steps

Other steps would include a dreamy serum and moisturiser combo to make sure your skin is looked after – I’m loving Lumene and Glossier serums right now, alongside Zelens and La Roche Posay for moisturisers. I think there’s so many different combinations and options depending on your skincare routine, but it’s easy to keep up with it once you find the perfect duo. I think a few add-ons like a mask and a treatment (like the Pixi rose flash balm) to tackle a specific skincare concerns is pretty much a mandatory step in a streamlined routine.


Are you a fan of a more pared back approach to skincare?

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