A Brand New Start

I’m finally doing it. I’m taking a leap of faith officially from today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes even better than I could imagine… I’ve quit my job and now I’m carving out my own career and going at this alone. After talking about it for a long time, it was finally the right time. I’ve daydreamed about typing up this post for a long time (I’m talking multiple years now) and this is just honestly the best feeling ever. I’m sure my friends were sick of me complaining and I’m just itching to discover some new opportunities and see where this little corner of the internet is going to take me in 2018. It’s going to be my year!

Plans for this year

I have so many ideas. My brain is practically fizzing with them. What’s been holding me back is that there has a distinct lack of time in my life. Working long long hours and then juggling that with a (slightly) social life, having a husband, doing normal life stuff and dedicating enough time to making sure everything has been as good as it could be is hard. I’m obviously in a fortunate position where I’m comfortable in my career and things feel stable enough for Laurzrah to be stepped up a notch. I’m ready to have some more exciting and varied content and for me to have enough time spare to dedicate towards growing and participating in the blogging community more. This year I want to focus on my e-book more, host a flatlay masterclass, run an Instagram takeover for a brand, maybe do some vlogging, hit some social media goals, take on some exciting projects, spend more time with fellow amazing bloggers, go to more events, travel more, work on some bigger campaigns and continue to love what I do… I have lots and lots of goals and I’m so ready to work really hard and get things accomplished all on my own. Motivation is definitely not lacking! Wish me luck…