Going For Grey

At what point does taking an active interest in coats become an obsession? Asking for a friend… I don’t need to know for now, because I’m too much in love with the new addition to my coat wardrobe. It’s grey! It’s soft! Complete coincidence but the pink and grey colour scheme is matching my new blog layout too.

So grey is the perfect complement for anything baby pink, which meant I had to go to Portobello market to shoot in front of the dreamiest pink house around! It’s definitely one of those streets just filled with bloggers, and you almost have to queue to get a shot in front of the house of your choice. Almost definitely worth it. Going alongside the perfect snuggly grey coat from Elvi (new favourite brand) is my classic combo of skater skirt, Stan Smiths and a jumper of sorts. This jumper is a particular beauty and from Sainsbury’s so also a great bargain.

Outfit Details

Jumper – obsessed. The prettiest baby pink although the ‘nothing to wear’ has left people staring at my chest a lot… Hmm.

Coat – the snuggliest. Newfound love for Elvi and everything they make. Out of stock but similar linked!

Shoes – baby pink perfection


Makeup Details

Huda Faux Filter Foundation – seriously, seriously good coverage and definitely a heavy base

Stila Magnificent Metal glitter, obviously. I just have to wear them all the time

Pixi Matte Lip – possibly reigniting my love with liquid lipsticks