How To Get Your Glow Back

It’s that time of the year. The days are long and dark, there’s no more Christmas sparkle and everyone has a depleted bank balance. In a quest to make myself look healthier, I’m on a mission to discover how to get your glow back. There’s essential steps including basic maintenance like upping water consumption and then more exciting steps like piling on loads and loads of highlighter… consider your glow back!

Starting with the everyday essentials like making sure that you’re drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of vegetables and maybe taking a supplement like cod liver oil for glowing skin from the inside. My biggest tip would be to keep a big bottle of water at your desk and just chug it throughout the day. It honestly does make such a difference! I always notice the difference in how my skin looks the day after not drinking enough water. Then there’s the skincare steps like exfoliating a few times a week (makes such a difference to how bright your skin is) and using lots of masks to fix your specific skincare concern.

Makeup wise, there’s plenty of easy steps that help your complexion look a whole lot perkier. There’s layering on some illuminating primers for some immediate glow and then there’s products like the Clinique even better glow foundation which has enough coverage to even out the skin but still imparts that all important sheen on the skin. Then there’s fail-safe steps like sweeping on a healthy dose of bronzer (my favourite being from Charlotte Tilbury) wherever the light hits the skin. Not too much so that you look tanned, but enough to add some radiance back into the skin. There’s also the power of a good pink blush to instantly brighten. Of course, we have to have plenty of highlighter too – the best way to instantly illuminate your face. The more the merrier.