My Browgal Makeover

There are elements of makeup I love, and elements of makeup that… I don’t love. Not through lack of trying, but doing my brows is something I never massively look forward to. I tend to stick to boy brow (more on that here). Yes, it makes a big difference but it takes a while to get them just right and one wrong move can take you from normal to disney villain really quickly. So, I was beyond excited to meet Tonya Crooks and have a personalised brow makeover with The BrowGal products.

The brows

Tonya founded the BrowGal after she became obsessed with brows; a background in art led to her seeing carving the ultimate brow as something distinctively beautiful for every individual. Tonya’s brows go beyond having a one-size suits all approach, and she talked me through the differences between an arched, curved and straight brow. The enhanced brow should follow your natural bone structure, meaning it will never look fake or like it’s been stencilled on. My brows are curved, which is why it always looks off when MUAs give me an arched brow – the natural shape is something similar to the below picture. Brows, but on a really good day. I just need plenty of practice before I get to Tonya levels of brow expertise.

The products

My favourite is the Skinny Eyebrow Pencil, which is definitely a step-up in terms of how much effort I put into my brows. It has a really fine & soft pencil on one side, with a sharpener built into the lid and there’s a spoolie brush on the other end to brush through the brows. Everything in one pencil! There are six different shades (I’m four), and the pencil has been designed to mimic natural brow hairs. There’s also the Highlighter pencil, for a sharp and defined brow – it reminds me of the old launch from Benefit.


What’s your brow routine?