Beauty Products I Actually Finish

The sign of a good product is surely not only falling in love with it, but the true testament of dedication is finishing up a product. Being a beauty blogger and product addict, I tend to try a lot of products but these are the ones that stood the test of time.

Starting off with the shower, I finished off two things that will be swiftly repurchased. The Glossier Body Hero shower oil (full review here) has been the perfect morning wake-up call. It smells soft and floral thanks to the Neroli and the conditioning formula means that my skin is left all soft. It’s a winner!

Also gone is the Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant, which is a great gentle scrub. It was created to help get rid of KP (bumpy and rough skin), and it performs such an effective transformation. It left my arms looking a lot smoother and it works really nicely with the Glossier oil.

Skincare wise, I’ve gone through another two of my staples. The L’oreal absolute eye makeup remover does a great job at getting rid of mascara – I’m always open for new eye makeup removers because I’m just not loyal.

Also emptied the eighth or ninth jar of the Emma Hardie cleansing balm – it’s just beautiful. I’ve used it for years, and still remain to be in love with how it makes my skin feel. Oh and the smell of it! Such a dream after a long day. Another all-time favourite is the Glossier balm dotcom. I obviously have a new one all ready to go…

Lastly, I definitely always burn my way through candles… there’s something so relaxing about having one lit in the evening, and it’s one of my addictions. The lavender shortbread one from Anthropologie smells delicious, and helps to set the scene for falling asleep.