Shay & Blue Black Tulip

Shay & Blue Black Tulip

The new year is a time for a lot of new things, including a new perfume of course! I was introduced to Shay & Blue late last year with their newest launch, Black Tulip, and it’s quickly become one of my go-to daytime fragrances. Shay & Blue Black Tulip is floral with enough vanilla in it to keep it warm but stop it from being too sickly or sweet. Shay & Blue are also one of those lovely niche brands that are such a treat to explore – a boutique perfumery founded in 2012, the brand has been based around mixing together artisan perfumers with innovative ideas. There’s a selection of really interesting other fragrances like salted caramel and blood oranges. I have to mention the dreamy blue bottles and gold lids, too! One to proudly display on the dressing table.

Black Tulip

This is going to be a floral fragrance that leaves a lot of people happy! It’s instantly fresh upon first spritz but not sharp or fruity in the slightest… the black tulips give it this really rich and velvety element that basically makes the whole thing smell expensive and fancy straight from the get go. Then there’s the plum notes which transform it into something a lot more woody and interesting, but still overtly feminine. I think what is going to make this perfume appeal to a lot of people is that following on from the floral/woody is that things are soft and almost a bit gourmand… It has lots of vanilla which help to give it an extra creaminess and richer dimension and also white chocolate (!) for some sophisticated sweetness. The scent is launching in March, but you can get the miniature version right now.

Top Note – Snowdrops and cyclamen bring instant floral freshness

Heart Note – Black tulip and plum bring a rounded richness to the heart of the composition

Base Note – White chocolate and soft woods for a smooth finish

Shay & Blue Black Tulip