The Best Pink Spots In London

The Best Pink Spots In London

I’m in the midst of a pink crush (call me basic, I’m still into all things blush), and it seems everyone else loves a good pink backdrop for an Instagram shot. I’ve hunted around town for The Best Pink Spots In London, and I’ve discovered some really great haunts… All in the pursuit of the perfect Instagram grid.

1. Peggy Porschen


So… you might have seen this beauty on Instagram already. A few times. By everyone. It’s the dreamiest of cafes and they change the decor every season to something new and even cuter. At the moment it’s a Valentine’s day extravaganza, which is obviously adorable. The food & drink is very, very cute (and expensive) but it’s the archway that has people coming back. I would recommend going in the week if possible because it gets hideously busy at the weekend with people queuing around the street. It’s obviously a prime blogger spot, so if you have to go on the weekend I would advise going early to make sure you can actually get close to it.

2. Elan Cafe

W1K 1PR & SW3 2EP

This cafe was introduced to me by Albertine, and it’s grown quite a lot on Instagram in the last couple of weeks. Basically made for bloggers, because the decor is beautiful and there’s an entire wall of flowers… There’s a branch in Mayfair and one in Knightsbridge, with the latter being far bigger, and easier to get a table at. There’s a giant blossom installation, marble everywhere and oliver bonas decor. The food is equally amazing, with lucky charms lattes and loads of brunch food available – they also have amazing cakes and pastries.

3. Princes Gate Mews


If you’re on the lookout for a rainbow of houses, then here’s your best bet… Loads of shades other than pink, too. It’s pretty much empty as well, so this is a great one if you want some outfit shots but feel a little self-conscious posing in the street. There’s two particularly great pink walls (the one pictured and another plain wall), so plenty of different shots. The Princes Gate mews is two minutes away from the natural history museum and loads of other beautiful mews (one shot here) for more photos – South Kensington is so photogenic.

4. Trevor Square


OK so this is not the location where you can do a sneaky outfit change – I tried and a car drove off mid-way and it was so awful. Worth it though, for this beautiful venue! It’s just a few steps away from Harrods, and a nice bubble away from the shopping crowds. It’s more of a bubblegum pink, and I’ve seen it on a lot of Instagram so I’m sure the owner of this house is thrilled to have such a popular house (p.s. please can I live here). The whole square here is photogenic as well, with lots of big white houses and that pretty script writing.

5. Palm Vaults

E8 1HY

So if you’re looking for something a little less princess pink and want something with some edge, I would recommend Palm Vaults in Hackney. I don’t go East enough, but this gem is worth going back for. It’s what I would say is a more sophisticated pink, with lots of gold, velvet and greenery. There’s a huge gold mirror adjacent to the tables, so it’s lovely and light in there for photos. It also has some of the nicest lattes around, including charcoal, rose and lavender. Lots of vegetarian and non-dairy options, too! It definitely inspired me to get some more greenery for around our flat, because pink & green looks so lovely. A more modern aesthetic.


6. Mamasons


Definitely had to add this spot onto the list because they do very pretty ice cream. Yup. I mean it’s pastel. The decor has more of the pink & green inside, and it has a distinctively jungle theme. The hot chocolate is purple and tastes like white chocolate, so that’s well worth trying. There’s also loads and loads of beautiful buildings around Camden and Kentish town – it’s near my neck of the woods, so I’m biased for all things North London. The big pink wall is five minutes away from Kentish Town station and on a street of pastel houses, and then Primrose hill is a short walk away which is another popular blogger haunt.



OK, so let me know if you want a part two…